Talking to your doctor

When you have atrial fibrillation it is important that you and your doctor work together to help reduce your risk of stroke. Talking to your doctor about any concerns you have with therapy will help you decide which treatment option is right for you.

Go to your doctor when you feel a difference in your symptoms or in your response to your medication. Remember, AF is a serious condition that can have devastating life-long consequences that not only affect you, but also your family and friends. If an adjustment in your care is needed, you will be glad you made time for a visit.

Tell your doctor every detail, even if it seems minor, so that your condition can be managed in the best possible way. Try to remember:

  • Any symptoms you’ve had and when you had them
  • Any side effects from treatment
  • A list of the medications you are taking, including over-the-counter herbal supplements and vitamins
  • If you have done anything out of the ordinary, like visiting exotic countries.
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Why is it important to discuss treatment options with a doctor?