Sas’s Story: Two Strokes Not Out

Sas Freeman is a stroke survivor, author of her personal biography Two Strokes Not Out, artist, mentor and motivational speaker. After experiencing two strokes in her mid-40s, Sas became passionate about increasing stroke awareness and supporting fellow stroke survivors and their carers. In her own words:

“I feel very strongly about raising awareness of stroke thus helping survivors and their loved ones. My experience of having two strokes, combined with my positive attitude and practical steps to recovery are, people say, eloquently portrayed in my book, where I write about my own emotions and the passionate belief and promise to help others. I am delighted that my book is now available for download as an audiobook so my words can reach, help and inspire as many people as possible.”

An unexpected turn of events

Before she had her strokes, Sas lived life at a hectic pace, self-employed and mother of one. She enjoyed her hobbies of horse riding, swimming, walking, yoga and skiing. She was fit and healthy – she wasn’t overweight, had a healthy diet, never smoked and drank alcohol sensibly. She was rarely unwell.

“I didn’t imagine I would be a prime candidate for stroke. How wrong was I. Stroke struck suddenly and, without prior warning, our lives as a family changed overnight. Forever”, Sas has said. “After having my stroke I lost interest in everything – I had lost my mobility and my whole independence! I realised if I didn’t do something quickly, this really was as good as it was going to get. So with determination, willpower and support, slowly day by day I made small but important improvements.”

The road to recovery and inspiring others along the way

Since having her strokes, Sas has fought back and has slowly been able to bring her life back to some sort of normality. In doing so, Sas realised she had an important and valuable role to play in raising awareness of and helping others deal with the aftermath of stroke. This inspired Sas to write her book Two Strokes Not Out, which developed into a passion and also helped to improve her physical and mental disabilities.

“A big reason I wrote my book was so that I could begin to answer all the questions that I had and I know other stroke survivors have. Even though there will always be more questions, I’ve put as much as I can in the book to help as many people as possible.”

Two Strokes Not Out: The Audiobook

Sas is delighted to offer the downloadable audio version of her book, Two Strokes Not Out, free of charge. With this audiobook, Sas hopes to reach even more people through her gently spoken words, like those who are in a coma but able to hear or those who are unable to read because they have lost the ability, may not be able to turn the pages or can’t see the text.

If you would like to learn more about Sas’s experience, please visit her website:

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